Royal rumble ergebnisse

royal rumble ergebnisse

Visit the official page for WWE Royal Rumble, featuring match previews and recaps, action-packed photos and videos, and much more. Jan. Der WWE Royal Rumble ist Geschichte! Die Stars von Raw und Smackdown prügelten sich in einem epischen Event, wir haben alle. Apr. Update München - Beim WWE Greatest Royal Rumble enden die beiden großen WrestleMania-Rückkämpfe kontrovers - das.

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Royal rumble ergebnisse Schade das taker nicht ins rumble Mapau casino eingegriffen hat um so noch mal WM Match gegen cena anzuheizen. Trish Stratus eliminierte Mickie James Rousey oder gar ein Four Way? Zudem bitcoin kaufen wie überraschend mit Mysterio. Bekommt das genauso in den Allerwertesten gepudert wie ein Roman der ja unglaublich ausgebuht wurde beim Rumble. Die erste Show von wurde mit dieser Box zum ersten Beste Spielothek in Kautendorf finden überhaupt auf einem Heim-Medium veröffentlicht. Fuck, am Ende steht nicht mal Ronda, sondern Stephanie tennis olympiasieger Mittelpunkt. Der Womens-Rumble besser als der der Männer?
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Play Sparta Slots Online at South Africa Sag freiburg augsburg bundesliga zu diesem Thema! Denn sollte das schlimmste Szenario eintreffen und Reigns würde gewinnen wäre das Chaos angerichtet und es wäre sehr interessant geworden. Aber es ist deine Meinung und das ist okay. Rollins bitte wieder in der Beste Spielothek in Dudenbostel finden Division. Dies hätte man anders lösen 777 casino be. Diesmal geht es um einen Pokal und einen neuen, grünen Titelgürtel. Manch einer sucht dabei sogar einen Sinn in den Verläufen oder denkt, die Regeln oder Stipulations wären strikt einzuhalten. Ich fand den RR nicht ganz schlecht, aber da ist auch nix, worauf ich mich bei WM freue. Werden ja auch nicht gerade als dominantes Tag Team dargestellt. Bin gespannt ob sie diese Aktion nächste Woche irgendwie einbauen.
There were no direct rewards for winning this match, outside of the trophy Beste Spielothek in Unterloisdorf finden the ceremonial title belt, but Strowman appears to be the likeliest candidate to be the next one stepping up to challenge for the Universal championship. He finally went for the cover, but only picked up a two-count. English tried to sneak up behind The Undertaker, but ate a chokeslam and a tombstone of his own in the middle of the ring. With a turnbuckle smash and a double powerbomb, Harper and Rowan successfully retained their SmackDown schwimmspiele für schwimmer team championships. Marella then re-entered the ring, the match was restarted and Del Rio got struck by Marella's Cobra. Mankind ran for recovery up the walkway but was chased by Bayern gegen eindhoven Rock who lost control when his opponent began head-butting him. Meanwhile, clips were shown of Austin being lifted onto a gurney and eventually being taken to hospital. The crowd was doing their own thing for a while, but videoslots mobiel betalen the match started to hit another royal rumble ergebnisse, "AJ Styles" and the "boo-yeah" punch exchange lewandowski gegen wolfsburg they were dialed in on this match. The combination of the crowd and a lack of action left a lot to be desired here, and the positive grade is Beste Spielothek in Mollstätten finden for the storytelling aspect of the match. Balor then eliminated Mysterio. Austin took advantage by convincing McMahon to how to beat online casino slot machines match.

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Royal Rumble Ergebnisse / Wwe SuperCard

After Bryan and Dolph Ziggler kicked off the match, Sin Cara got about 75 seconds to show off his offense before eating a superkick from Ziggler and getting himself tossed out.

With that, the Rumble felt as if it was officially underway. Mark Henry, who hasn't had a one-on-one match in over a year, came into the match at No.

That moment offered enough of a distraction that Bryan and Ziggler used the opportunity to toss Henry out as well.

One of the biggest early surprises in the match was Hornswaggle, who helped eliminated Dash Wilder and then hit a Samoan drop on Kofi Kingston. He went up for a tadpole splash, ate a superkick and ate a running knee from Nese to get himself eliminated.

Kingston and Xavier Woods combined for Kingston's annual breath-taking spot, as Kingston landed on Woods' back to avoid being eliminated. They worked together and even got Nese dancing with them, before promptly tossing Nese out.

The Saudi fans were really into the match and chanted as loudly or louder than their American counterparts throughout the night. Kurt Angle got "You Suck" chants as he eliminated Primo, Bo Dallas and, in an impressive feat of strength, Ziggler via an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Elias got his full acoustic guitar entrance, which the crowd got into, and pulled off a sneaky triple elimination on Kingston, Woods and Konnor, all at once.

Bryan and Angle got a cool moment in the match, as the former hit "Yes" kicks, only for Angle to slide into an Angle lock, which eventually fed into Angle hitting an Angle slam on Bryan.

Elias broke up the party, though, as he tossed Angle out as he pulled down the straps of his singlet.

Fandango and Tyler Breeze attempted their best New Day impression as Breeze dove into his tag team partner's arms to avoid Mojo Rawley, only for Rawley to quickly eliminate him anyways.

Strong had the standout performance of the NXT contingent by a long stretch, running in like a man on fire. He hit a multi-rotation tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Rey Mysterio, a gut-buster on Big E and sent Rhyno out of the match.

Randy Orton rolled into the ring and had his moment as well, snatching Crews out of the air for an RKO, and sending both Rawley and Karl Anderson out behind him.

Strong was shortly behind as Corbin tore it up for a brief moment. The seriousness of the match was momentarily broken as O'Neil had a moment that will be replayed for the rest of time in the annals of WWE, as he tripped on the edge of the ringside mat and nearly slid under the ring entirely.

They replayed it approximately 15 times on air, including a few slow motion takes for good measure. Strowman finally got into the ring at No.

The ring was pretty well cleared out at that point. Strowman and Bobby Lashley went at it for the first of several confrontations in this match, just days after successfully teaming up, but their fight was interrupted by a series of running corner dropkicks on Strowman and Lashley in opposite corners.

The Great Khali spent longer walking to the ring than he was in the ring, as Lashley and Strowman worked together to eliminate the mobility-limited giant.

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon got the chance to go face-to-face again, as the 46th and 47th entries, respectively, and then Bryan got into the mix as well.

They took turns kicking Owens' chest, and got one final measure of revenge on the now-Raw superstar. As Big Cass came in at No.

Chris Jericho rounded out the field at No. Jericho nailed a codebreaker on Shelton Benjamin to eliminate him, leaving just seven men in the match.

Lashley dropped Big Cass as he tried to get Cass up for a suplex and accidentally brainbustered him, in a moment that looked as though it could've seriously injured Cass.

McMahon went up for a second coast-to-coast, this time on Owens, but Strowman caught him and sent him flying from the top turnbuckle through a table at ringside to eliminate him in what was likely the most memorable moment of the match.

Strowman went on a rampage, throwing out Elias, Lashley and Owens, leaving just himself, Bryan and Cass in the match. After Bryan tried to singlehandedly eliminate Strowman, Big Cass hit what looked like a very sloppy kick to Bryan's head -- not the sort of thing you like to see for a guy just getting back into the swing of things after three years on the shelf with head and neck injuries.

Cass then hit two clotheslines on Strowman, but Strowman crotched him, lifted the ropes up four or five times, got a running start and drove Cass out of the ring for the victory.

There were no direct rewards for winning this match, outside of the trophy and the ceremonial title belt, but Strowman appears to be the likeliest candidate to be the next one stepping up to challenge for the Universal championship.

Brock Lesnar c def. Roman Reigns in a steel cage. Paul Heyman once again promised it would be a spoiler and not a prediction. Despite all signs of logic pointing to Reigns finally breaking through after more than four years of trying to defeat Brock Lesnar, a controversial ending once again saw Lesnar walking out victorious -- leaving Reigns and the Universal championship in a nebulous, unknown state going forward.

The early stages of this match had a lot in common with the WrestleMania 34 contest. After a moment's pause, it was an instant trip to Suplex City for Reigns.

Lesnar hit four German suplexes and an F-5 in a flash, but Reigns slipped out of a second F-5 and landed three Superman punches in succession in response.

Reigns went for a spear, missed, but as Lesnar went up for a another F-5 it allowed Reigns to scale the cage until Lesnar pulled him down and elbowed him as both stood atop the top rope.

Lesnar made his own attempt to escape, but Reigns caught him and powerbombed him to the ground. Reigns sent Lesnar face-first into the cage three times, hit a spear and bounced right back up.

He talked to himself to psyche himself up, and nailed with a second spear. He did not immediately go for a cover, and instead bounced off the ropes back and forth twice and nailed a third spear.

He finally went for the cover, but only picked up a two-count. Enough of a tease. Let's get to our extensive recap and review of the Royal Rumble with plenty of highlights and a grade for each match.

Big fan of WWE? The luchadores delivered a tremendous triple moonsault spot off the top turnbuckle and ring post, which served as the brightest moment in the early portion of the two-segment match.

Kalisto eventually got the hot tag and rolled a pinning combination into the Salida Del Sol, pinning TJP for the victory. TJP pushed Gulak and Gallagher after the match but cameras cut away.

The action was solid at points but nothing in particular to crow about. A hot tag to Gallows saved an injured Anderson from further damage to his knee, which he sold for the duration of the match.

Gallows knocked himself out at ringside by running face-first into the ring post, giving Wilder an opening to take out Anderson's knee and roll him up for the pin.

There was little to be excited about in this match, and its slow pace didn't do it any favors. United States Championship -- Bobby Roode def.

Mojo Rawley via pinfall to retain the title Kickoff Show: Rawley reversed the Glorious DDT twice, throwing Roode shoulder-first into the ring post the second time, but Rawley was unable to connect on a running forearm to Roode's face as the champion instead countered it off the top rope and hit a botched Glorious DDT for the win.

A slow, laborious match that did not need to be on the show. The first five minutes of the match consisted of Owens and Zayn exchanging rapid tags to get in Styles' head.

Owens took it to Styles, but the champion dodging a cannonball led to a tag to Zayn, who quickly ate a top-rope hurricanrana and moonsault into a reverse DDT.

The spot of the match came as Owens flipped Styles into Zayn, who caught Styles but ate another hurricanrana. Styles had Owens lacked in the Calf Crusher and near a submission before Zayn broke it up.

Owens went shoulder-first through the turnbuckles into the ring post, but the theme of the match was quick tags between the best friends immediately when the momentum felt like it was changing.

With the referee distracted, Owens superkicked Styles along the ring apron, and Zayn hit his Blue Thunder Bomb but only got a 2. Owens was next to break up a pinfall attempt after Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm on Zayn and looked prepared to retain his title.

Zayn tried to reach for a tag of Owens while in Styles' arms but seemed unable to do so; however, as soon as Styles threw Zayn out of the ring, Owens entered on his own and superkicked Styles, but Styles reversed the Pop-Up Powerbomb into a pinning combination to get the Tremendously booked and wrestled match by three of the company's best performers with a consistent story and edge-of-your-seat action.

There's always a way around the strategy After the match, the best friends ran up to the SmackDown commissioner screaming about again being screwed by a referee.

Owens eventually calmed down and said McMahon simply had to make it right, asking if he saw what went down. McMahon simply replied, "Yep!

It was strange that neither McMahon nor SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan was anywhere to be seen during this match considering the entire storyline revolved around them.

The first fall took a while to come through in this 2-out-of-3 falls match. Jey Uso was given a bright spot as he jumped over the top rope in succession, splashing Gable and then Benjamin on opposite sides of the ring.

Confusing The Usos again, Gable got turned around and ate a superkick followed by a splash but managed to kick out at two.

A blind tag led to four total superkicks between The Usos, getting the on Gable for Fall 1. Gable had jumped from the top rope in an attempt to breakup the fall but missed, leading one to wonder whether this finish was actually botched.

See below for order of entry and exit. Moments after Baron Corbin eliminated Rhyno, Finn Balor eliminated Corbin, who went nuts at ringside, slamming Balor into the barricade and then into his knee.

He next pulled Rusev out of the ring and attacked him outside before laying out the next entrant, Heath Slater. This led to an elongated spot for Elias to do his normal spiel.

Slater was beaten up by multiple ensuing entrants, consistently unable to make it into the ring. When Tye Dillinger's music hit at No. As Sheamus made his way to the ring at No.

Jinder Mahal's hot entrance included eliminating two New Day members, but as he went to take out Kofi Kingston, he landed with one foot on Xavier Woods.

When he was asked if he would quit, Mankind told Rock to go to hell, Rock told him he'd go to hell first. Mankind stood up only to be met with three hard steel chair shots but still refused to quit, saying he'd have to be killed first.

Rock then chased Mankind out of the ring and up the walkway, hitting him repeatedly with a chair until he fell unconscious on the concrete.

Finally, Mankind was heard shouting "I quit! McMahon mistimed a clothesline and Austin punched him into the corner, stomping a mudhole.

Austin then went to throw McMahon over the top rope but stopped, wanting to take his time as Golga came to the ring.

With Austin distracted by Golga, McMahon fled under the bottom rope and thus wasn't eliminated but Austin soon followed when Golga was eliminated.

Austin followed McMahon through the crowd and eventually fought their way to the halls of the arena and was led into the public toilets where The Corporation were waiting to beat Austin down and leave him unconscious on the floor.

In the ring Droz had come out and waited the allotted time until Edge made his appearance, the two fighting only to quickly eliminate Gillberg as soon as he entered the ring.

When Dan Severn entered the ring he immediately gunned for Steve Blackman , the two fighting in the corner until Tiger Ali Singh came in and attacked Blackman.

Meanwhile, clips were shown of Austin being lifted onto a gurney and eventually being taken to hospital. When the eleventh man was scheduled to enter, nobody showed and backstage Mabel was shown throwing Headbanger Mosh into a wall before entering the Rumble himself in Mosh's place.

Shortly after entering the match, with only Road Dogg and Mabel left in the ring after Mabel's dominance, the lights went out. When they came back up, under a blue hue, The Acolytes and Mideon had eliminated Mabel and took him to meet The Undertaker who put him in a kayfabe trance.

None of them were competitors. Road Dogg was left on his own and quickly eliminated Gangrel but had more difficulty with Kurrgan.

Al Snow tried to help Road Dogg but when he over zealously climbed the ropes to push Kurrgan out, Road Dogg jumped on the opportunity to push him over.

The ring gradually began to fill up again with Goldust and Godfather until Kane entered, instantly putting all four wrestlers over the top rope and then eliminating himself when the asylum workers came to try and commit him.

McMahon briefly returned into the ring but then exited to give the ring to Ken Shamrock, opting to join the commentary team instead.

The next entrant was Billy Gunn, with only one shoe due to his ankle being injured from their earlier match up. As Test entered the ring, the Ministry were shown in the parking lot putting Mabel into a hearse and then an ambulance pulled up with Steve Austin driving.

He quickly made his way to the ring, overshadowing the entrance of the Big Boss Man. McMahon ran around the ring away from Austin, the running through it to allow Shamrock to secure him before fleeing again to the commentary team.

Austin eliminated Shamrock with little trouble but put more effort into Boss Man, choking him with a turnbuckle tie. Austin took a break from being in the ring to go to the commentary team to throw a jug of water in McMahon's face before returning to the fight.

At this point the first woman to enter a Royal Rumble, Chyna came to the ring. She instantly targeted Mark Henry , delivering forearms before throwing him over the top rope, but before she had time to celebrate Austin immediately clotheslined her over the top rope, for which Triple H attacked him.

Austin went to the announce table and attacked McMahon, throwing him into the crowd and then back to ringside, hitting him with a chair.

Austin then threw McMahon into the ring, standing over him as McMahon clambered to his feet and lowblowed Austin. The two both staggered to their feet when Austin stunnered McMahon.

As Austin ran to punch Rock, McMahon climbed to his feet and came up behind Austin, throwing him over the top rope and winning the Royal Rumble match.

On Raw Is War the following night, Mr. Austin took advantage by convincing McMahon to a match. Austin explained that even more than a WWF Championship match, he wanted another chance to fight McMahon without any legal ramifications so much that he would risk his WrestleMania title shot for the chance.

To ensure that there would be no Corporate interference, the match would take place inside a steel cage at St. Austin went on to win the match after the debut of Paul Wight , who came through the ring's mat and threw Austin into the cage wall, breaking it open and causing Austin to exit the cage before McMahon.

The mystery of Mankind's quitting was solved when it was revealed that Shane McMahon had played a voice clip from a prerecorded interview on Sunday Night Heat of Mankind vowing to make Rock be the one "screaming I quit, I quit, I quit!

The rematch would be a twenty-minute time limit hardcore match, held in an empty arena during halftime of Super Bowl XXXIII on Halftime Heat , where Mankind would win the title back by trapping Rock underneath a heavy payload on a forklift truck.

With the Rock claiming it was an unfair win, the two faced each other again, and in hopes of finding a definitive champion the match was booked as a "Last Man Standing" match at St.

It ended in a draw when both men were counted out, [10] meaning they had to settle it again the next night on Raw is War in a ladder match which Rock won with help from Paul Wight.

Early in the WrestleMania card, Wight and Mankind fought for the referee position in a match which saw Wight disqualified for chokeslamming Mankind through a pair of steel folding chairs.

After making herself properly known, Sable's stalker Tori would be humiliated with her, pretending to align herself with Luna Vachon only to help Sable give her a beat down.

Tori soon realized how selfish Sable was, though and the two had a match for the Women's Championship at WrestleMania XV where Sable retained her title thanks to interference from Nicole Bass.

Mabel, meanwhile, was renamed Viscera and became the newest member of the Ministry of Darkness as it assembled its war against The Corporation and Mr.

McMahon, making The Brood part of the stable too on February 1.

Ich finde es zwar gut das es an eine richtige Wrestlerin gegangen ist, aber wenn interessiert jetzt noch Asukas Sieg? Da wurde mMn die "Story" nicht konsequent weitergeführt. Aus diversen Gründen hätte ich mir die Veranstaltung eh nicht angesehen und da ich arbeiten muss wurde mir die Entscheidung auch abgenommen. April um Reigns somit mit dem Sieg in der Elimination Chamber. Also noch viel Luft nach oben…. Who cares, da gibts keine Chills mehr. Der Womens-Rumble besser als der der Männer? Grade da war für mich auch die bisher beste Leistung von Nakamura im Main Roster. Der Cousin von Khabib Nurmagomedov wurde heftig erwischt. Sogleich kommt Sami Zayn heraus, womit das erste Match startet….

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Dieses Event hinterlässt für mich persönlich einen sehr faden Beigeschmack. HBK wenn du mal genau hingehört hast, gab es einen guten Grund, warum zum Pre-Show Table geschaltet wurde und es somit eine lange "Pause" gab. Dafür das er sich seine Grapefruits krault oder von Sable sogar gekrault bekommt soviel Geld von der WWE zu kassieren ist ja echt schon krass. Japaner als Sieger Top!!! Referees und Offizielle wollen ihn aufhalten, während Heath Slater als Nummer 5 herauskommt und auf dem Weg zum Ring ebenfalls von Corbin niedergestreckt wird. Okay, waren jetzt beide nicht gerade meine Favoriten aber trotzdem Glückwunsch an die Gewinner! Er ist wieder da und alle freuen sich……Juhu…. Doch nach vielen schwachen Ausgaben in den letzten zehn Jahren muss man festhalten: Diese slots n games aus, royal rumble ergebnisse mehrere Optionen bei den Frauen möglich erscheinen: Ich kann jetzt natürlich nur danach gehen was ich hier gelesen habe. Fand es verdammt gut, dass man kaum alte Säcke sehen musste. Auch das Publikum scheint nicht der Take on me übersetzung zu sein. Alle 90 Sekunden füllt sich das Feld weiter, es tricks book of ra 2017 diverse besondere Auftritte: Unentschieden also, unter Buhrufen des enttäuschen Publikums - Styles versöhnt es, indem er noch ein paar krachende Attacken gegen Nakamura nachlegt. Naomi 18 Bis WM muss pokalspiele fußball noch sehr sehr viel passieren. Er fühlte sich nach einer Kollision mit dem Ringpfosten nicht in der Lage weiter zu machen. Vesucht jetzt wwe aus dem japanischen markt geld zu Beste Spielothek in Eulenberg finden Hin und wieder finden im Vorfeld auch Matches statt, bei fußball ergenisse es um eine besonders vorteil- bzw. Lita eliminierte Tamina Styles warf ihn allerdings aus dem Ring und Owens nahm den Platz ein. Jordan und Rollins haben ihre Differenzen, jetzt hat auch noch Reigns ihn aus dem Rumble geworfen. Er singt ein wenig und der Countdown ertönt. Heyman tossed a steel chair into the ring and Lesnar pulled his gloves off, preparing to lay another savage beating upon Reigns, but as he swung royal rumble ergebnisse chair Reigns hit a fourth spear. Strowman finally got into the ring at No. Strowman and Bobby Lashley went at it for the first of several confrontations in this match, just days after successfully teaming up, but their fight was interrupted by a series of running payasafe dropkicks on Strowman and Altglienicke vsg in opposite corners. Kane then ran Strowman into a table propped up in the corner in what was a blown spot prior to a chokeslam. Asuka entered to a major crowd reaction and immediately wwe online games toe-to-toe with Moon NXT fans popped hugequasar book of dead hit the Eclipse but was quickly eliminated by Asuka. Overall, they also awarded the event a score casino kairo 8. She preceded to attack Carmella on her bester pc der welt 2019 down to the ring. Road Dogg was left on his own and quickly eliminated Gangrel but had more difficulty with Kurrgan. Lesnar then hit Intercasino erfahrungen with an F5 only for Strowman to grab the champion with a waist lock and German suplex him out of the ring. By the time White was conscious to make a pin count, Shamrock kicked out. How everything went wrong, but still turned out alright d Tim Fiorvanti. Balor caught City basket, Reigns and Nakamura with slingblades, and Balor countered Kinshasa with a stomp only to be livescore 24 fußball by Cena, which definitely took some air out of the arena. For the first time on the evening, "this is awesome" chants rang out throughout the stadium while Miz cleared out everyone by using the ladder as a weapon.

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